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Adaware SE Personal

Author: Lavasoft
Web site:
Version: 1.06

Description: Ad-Aware SE Personal is the free version of the popular adware remover.  While CCS used to only use Spybot, over the years Ad-Aware has become more popular due to it's ease of use and extensive on-line help that is available at different web sites.  As a result, someone without much computer experience may prefer Ad-Aware.  (Spybot was developed in Germany, so Spybot periodically frustrates its users by having German error messages pop up.  Also, much of the on-line support is in German.)

This program is neither made nor maintained by Comprehensive Computer Solutions.  By clicking on the link below you acknowledge that Comprehensive Computer Solutions is in no way liable for the production, distribution, or use of this program.

Download Ad-Aware SE Personal 1.06