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Process Explorer

Author: Mark Russinovich
Web site:
Version: 8.4
Description: Process Explorer is a useful tool in diagnosing performance problems with your computer.  It is similar to the task manager in that it displays processes and the amount of processor time they are using.  However, this program finds programs that the task manager misses and displays a lot more information on the process, including files and other resources the process is using.

The download is a compressed file that includes a help file and an explantion on running the program.  While this program is easy to use to view processor usage, other tasks, like terminating processes, require more experience with computers to prevent a loss of data.

This program is neither made nor maintained by Comprehensive Computer Solutions.  By clicking on the link below you acknowledge that Comprehensive Computer Solutions is in no way liable for the production, distribution, or use of this program.

Download Process Explorer 8.4